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A good book is wisdom you can literally feel...OUCH!!!...That huge book hadta hurt!...
Then again, where there's no sense, there's no feelin'...heh heh

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Air and Space Magazine

Alex: Catalog of Electronic Texts

Alfred Hitchcock - Master of Suspense Books

 Atlantic Monthly's Poetry

Better Homes and Gardens




 Children's Storybooks

 Consumer World

 Digital Scriptorium - Duke University

 Ecola Newsstand


  Free Well

Hanover College Texts

Harvard University - Library Resources

  Humanities Text Initiative

 InfoWorld Electric 

 Intellectual Freedom


International Book Collectors Association

Internet Classics Archive

Internet World

Jack London's Writings

John Labovitz's e-zine-list

 Jolly Roger - Literary Journal

 Libraries Unlimited

Library Of Congress (LC Web)

Libweb - Library WWW Servers

Libraries And Newsstands

 Magazines: Woodworking, Gardening, Cooking

Malaspina Great Books

  NAP Reading Room

 Online Magazine: Guides to Zines

PC World Online

 Poetry Daily

Popular Mechanics

Popular Science

 Powell's Bookstore

 Preservation Services: Simple Book Repair

 Project Bartleby Archive

 Project Gutenberg Index

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