WOW!!!...Now AFRS Censorship!!?!!!! It just doesn't seem to end!...But make up your own mind...I just hope this fella at HQ AFRS wasn't "surfin' the net" on an official government computer...hmmm...
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From:   John C []
Sent:   Saturday, January 10, 1998 8:38 AM
To: (Other recipients not listed for privacy reasons)
Subject:  Fw: Personal Website

Hello All,

I got this e-mail message today and wanted to show it to you. I suggest that 
those who don't know who Al Lamb of Airminders Virtual Folly is, take a look at 
his website to understand what the Air Force is talking about here. His
site can be found at .

Question for you all. Does this e-mail sound like an attempt at censoring by 
recruiting service?  What do you think the air force is trying to say here? 
Is this a start of a conspiracy to rid me from the internet?
See you......

Here's the email spoken of in reference to John's personal web site...
-----Original Message----- From: T., Mark L., MSgt <> To: Date: Friday, January 09, 1998 12:49 PM Subject: Personal Website .Checked out your website today.  Not bad, but I would make a .recommendation.  Don't allow visitors to read your guestbook comments. .Someone listed their website (Airminders Virtual Folly) that contains .comments derogatory towards recruiting service.  We have provided this .guidance to other personal website owners due to the potential for links .to sites containing pornography (already dealt with this one) or other .objectionable materials.  The problem comes in mentioning in your .website you are a member of the Air Force, and the public, at times, .will automatically view your website as official in nature (no matter .how many statements to the contrary you might make).  Just trying to .help.  Keep up the good work and thanks for providing a link to . .Mark L. T., MSgt, USAF .Headquarters Recruiting Service .Account Executive Marketing Training and Analysis .
Airminder's comment: Incredible!  Don't let visitors read guestbook??  WHAT?!!??

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From:   John C []
Sent:   Saturday, January 10, 1998 8:32 AM
To:     T., Mark L., MSgt
Subject:  Re: Personal Website

Hi (MSgt T.),
Thanks for stopping by my site. I am confused as to the point of your e-mail. 
The purpose of having a guest book is so that visitors can put their thoughts 
in writing and then can be seen at anytime by anyone. I constantly review my 
guest book for any offensive or derogatory comments.
My site tends not to attract those kinds of people. As far as the site you 
mentioned, Airminders, you need to do some research into the facts of that 
case prior to using any blanket statement as to it being derogatory towards
the Air Force. Recruiting Service was wrong on this one. As far as my site 
being misconstrued as an official Air Force site, only an idiot could misconstrue 
my site as an official air force site.

I don't mean to sound rude to you in my reply, however, your suggestion leans 
very close to censorship and to me that is upsetting. My site in no way brings 
harm or bad light to the Air Force. In fact, I think my site gives people an 
opportunity to see the Air Force who otherwise wouldn't be inclined to see it.

So, I appreciate your comments, but I am very upset about them for the reasons
stated below. To clear up any confusion, are you saying:

    1. I shouldn't have a link to Air Force site?
    2. I can't mention I am in the Air force?
    3. My site resembles an official Air Force site?

Just curious...
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