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From: "Russ" <>
To: <>
Subject: Airminder's Virtual Folly
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 06:38:02 -0400

Hey Al, Just went through your site. Good Job! It is good to see this kind
of thing.  I don't think this will be referenced in the recruit the
recruiter briefings.  I am here with a friend of mine and both of us last
saw you at the annual in minn in 95.  We are both FREE again and doing
great.  Did our four and escaped.  I will always remember the last visit I
had with the group superintendent.  His biggest concern was how I would 
SELL recruiting to that nieve SSgt in the future.  I have never left any 
other job in the Air Force with this such concern by my supervisors. I have 
seen in my four years with recruiting several airmen treated like "airmen". 
The Air Force recruiting service is as close to the mofia as you can get. 
My superintendent was the biggest a**hole I have ever met.  He lied to me 
about all the good things he said he would do, for not only me but everyone 
else.  However, when we produced he didn't come through.  He did however have 
no problems implementing the bad things he promised.  I had to laugh at the 
PCS thing. My PCS and the RNLT date was held over my head and it wasn't until 
the last 15 days I could actually plan on my departure date.  All my 
experiences with recruiting were not bad.  It did do for me what I wanted it 
to do.  For that I am thankful.  All I can say is thank God the Air Force 
isn't like recruiting, because if it was we would all be drinking vodka.
Good to chat with you Al.  I do a lot of traveling so if I get to your base
I will look you up.  Please E Mail with the info. 

Now for my friends statement... 

Hey Al, greeting from the former Rhinelander RIC.  Great to be free.  
Nice to see someone has the courage to print the truth about the great 
machine called recruiting.  I only wish I had the communicating ability to 
get the message across as well as you.  As I read what you wrote, I had to 
laugh because it was so true it was funny.  Coming from the same squadron 
as you, I can attest to everything you said about the leadership we had to 
endure.  I made it 3 1/2 years and I was looking for any way out to save 
my sanity.  I think if I would have had to do the last 6 months I am not 
sure I would have made it.  Thank God for the shrinks at the big GF AFB.  
They may have saved my life.  Now there is nothing that the Air Force can 
do to ruin my day.  Everything I do is easy compaired to recruiting.  I 
hope only the best for you in your future and wish you the best of luck.
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