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MSgt Lamb,

   I have a couple of comments and just one question.  I've been in recruiting for 10 years now.  I won't spout nor bore you with my accolades.  I've done well, had a great time. Had to work hard everywhere I worked.  I'm fortunate in having a very understanding wife.  She realizes that I really love this business.

  Dear John (TSgt K),

   Congratulations on your longevity!  Glad to hear things are going well for you, and that you're workin' hard.  Hard work is its own reward.  I know that family support is very important, and that the recruiting business is certainly demanding.  Recruiting is one of those businesses that one needs all the support they can get.

   Why do you think your squadron CC picked on YOU?  Of all the folks in the (3)42nd, why did he choose you?  I was stationed with a recruiter in Hawaii who was stationed with you in the (3)42nd while this was going on.  He says that you did indeed do everything that was alleged.  He feels you got what you deserved.    Why indeed?...Only the CC and his henchmen...oops...I mean "advisors" would know that.  I can only surmise that it was to get back at me for my involvement in a valid IG complaint against this chain of command from a member under my supervision.  Who knows what these individuals were thinking?  Good ol' Fred...Yep.  Perpetuating his "investigative" abilities, I see.  Have you  ever seen a video of Fred coming to my recruiting office on several occasions in the middle of the night without my knowledge to "find things"?  I have.  Ask him when I can expect to receive the itemized telephone listings for the bulk calls he "investigated" that were shown on all the telephone bills, ok?  Now wasn't it convenient that about the time of my relief action, he got an assignment to Hawaii?  Or that the admin person who knew the charges against me to be false, overheard the CC (the CC was in THEIR office), and wrote a statement on my behalf got a short notice (1-week notice) assignment to a different AFRS?  Just some things that makes ya go "Hmmmm..."
   I don't know if I agree with him or not.  I'm sure that what he thinks he knows and what you are telling the world are the two extremes of the facts and that somewhere in between is the truth.    Two extremes?...Don't think so.  I've posted the actual documentation so that you can decide for yourself.  No slant -- Just fact.
   Having been around for 10 years, I've seen some pretty crazy things happen.  I've seen punishment given that didn't fit the crime (either too excessive or too minimal).  I would believe that you did in fact, do the things that were alleged.  I also believe that someone was out to get YOU.  You didn't deserve what you got either.  A lot of people has expended, or in your case, is still expending great energy over this.    This is definitely the craziest thing that's ever happened to me.  You draw your own conclusion, but I'm telling you straight-up...I didn't do any crimes, improprieties, or disobey any orders!  Thanks for noticing -- It's quite obvious that someone was out to get me, wasn't it?  It's important to note that the time, effort, and energy expended and being expended was because of my then chain of command's fabrications.
   This web site, and more importantly, it's tone only shows me that you are a person who is a lightning rod.  Yes, this whole recruiting experience damaged and hurt you.  Like I said before, you got a punishment that simply didn't fit the crime.  I'd be pissed too.  But again, if you were the top recruiter and top flight sup (my friend says you were running the flight - not the actual flight sup), why kill you?  Could it be your lightning rod personality?  This is where the logic of your argument crumbles apart.  Why YOU?  Let's face it, the (3)42nd isn't like the "hotbed" of recruiting.  It's not like the 41st in San Antonio or the 62nd.  What could you have done to piss the chain of command off so much that they set out to fire their top recruiter?    I'm an easy-going guy with a mild manner.  I don't get "rattled" too easily.  However, I'm probably the last person in the world they should have done something like this to.  Yes, I'm quite upset about being railroaded!  I have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and I'm very tenacious about seeing that justice prevails!  Fred makes a distinction between "running the flight" and "actual flight sup"...I ask you, what's the difference?  You see, that is what magnifies my achievement...Not only did I excel at being a great recruiter, but while doing so, I was also a great flight sup!  Try this -- Throw your hat in the ring to have an assigned FULL NPS monthly goal for 3 months while performing your present flight sup duties.  Good Luck!  You see...I did "cut it" as a recruiter.
   MSgt Lamb, my point is this.  You'll always have the sympathy of folks who were former recruiters and couldn't cut more than one tour with us.  Like the superintendent who wrote you, some folks aren't cut to be us.  But don't go to sleep at night after reading their e-mails, thinking that you are just and right.  For every one e-mail you get in sympathy, there are four of us career or retired recruiters who would disagree with them.    I'm not interested in sympathy.  I don't believe that others have written out of sympathy either.  I think I speak for the vast majority of recruiters and ex-recruiters that have written when I say "We're fed up with the methodologies and tactics used by the AFRS "good ol' boys network"."  I do go to sleep at night knowing full-well I am just and right -- I am not perfect, but in this matter, justice rides with me.  Of the hundreds of emails I've received, only 2 share your opinion (both flight supervisors). 
   MSgt Lamb, I am not one the "bad guys".  I'm not "the company".  I am simply one proud NCO who believes that our mission is a purposeful one.  Now that you are back in the main-stream Air Force, remember that the only way your shop goes from being critically manned to fully manned is us recruiters finding these young folks.  AFRS did nothing to you.  Some SPECIFIC PEOPLE (who should have perhaps gotten disciplinary action also) did this to you.    TSgt K, you're probably a heck of a nice guy.  I also believe that the AFRS mission is an important and purposeful one.  I do understand that the AFRS mission is vital in maintaining Air Force manning requirements.  You are correct in your assertion that AFRS did nothing to me -- directly.  Just like the Air Force IG, they also did nothing FOR me either while I was being ruthlessly and wrongfully "hacked by the sword" by SPECIFIC PEOPLE -- These same  people that were allowed to continue their improper actions and fabrications with AFRS and the Air Force IG's support.  For that, they are even more responsible.  They could have and should have taken action to stop this mess, instead of the rich, political rhetoric so they could remain "on the fence" -- Safely able to jump to either side.
   I simply ask this.  You have proven your point.  Pull the lightning rod out of the ground.  This site serves no useful purpose.  Trust me when I tell you that if a prospective NCO came to me and asked about recruiting, and handed me pages from your web site, I could not only refute them, I'd embarrass you and have them signing up.  This site's best purpose is perhaps for the squadron commanders out there.  They should heed your words before going on a vendetta.

I do wish you the best.  Congrats on MSgt!

TSgt John K
XXX RCS B Flight Chief

   Sorry, John, my web site's not comin' down...I'm here to stay.  You didn't "simply ask" anything; you used salesmanship 101 here, inferring what I should do, and I might add to your credit, it was a valiant attempt!  As I see it, this site DOES serve many very useful purposes -- 1) Making folks that are supposed to be leading recruiters realize that they can't initiate  a path of deceptive and hurtful practices and get away with it.  2) Provide support and a voice for recruiters that are being or were improperly and ruthlessly "hacked by the AFRS sword".  3) To educate prospective recruiters of what they may face and raise public awareness.  4) Bring to light mine and others personal experiences while assigned to recruiting duty.  5) To improve the system through feedback.  So you could refute the facts posted on my web site,eh?  Good for you!  Embarass me?  I hardly think so.  Ahhh, salesmanship -- Whatever it takes to make the sale, right John?

  I wish you happiness in pursuing your future goals and endeavors!

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