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Hey... What kinda circuit can I build to stop my VCR from flashing... 12:00... 12:00... 12:00? ...heh heh

 A to Z Networking and Cabling Center for Voice and Data

 avinfo Tech Reference

BizWeb Category - Electronics

CEDCC Component Database Server

Chip Directory


 CSC - Semiconductor Cross Reference Libaray and Electronic Repair Tips

Databookshelf - Component Data Sheets

 Digital Books

Don Lancaster's GURU'S LAIR

EE/CS Mother Site

Electricity and Electronics

 Electronic Guide

Electronic Manufacturer's Databook Links

Electronic Repair Center FAQ

 Electronics Manufacturing Guide

FCIM Component Identification Tool

Fil's FAQ-Computer Ports

Global Semiconductor Datasheets Library

Gray's Semiconductor Page

HandiLinks To Electronics

Hardware Web(R) - Electronics

Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms

Microprocessor Instruction Set Cards

Nerd World : Electronic Components

PartNet, Inc.

 Samuel M. Goldwasser's Bookmarks

Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ

Semiconductor Subway

Surplus Electronics Source List

TECHSERV'S Links to Electronics Industry

Test E-Lab Page_2

Tom Loredo's Electronics Bookmarks

Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Info

 Tommy's Pinout Collection

Tutorials for Learning about Electronics

VCR Repair Instruction

WE-MAN!'s Electro Stuff

Bowden's Hobby Circuits

 Circuit Design

Circuits in the Circuits Archive

CyberCircuit Home Page

DC Circuits

Directory of /pub/cookbook

Doing Your Own Telephone Wiring

ELEC 221

Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive

Electronics Repair Center

 Electronic Circuits

 Electronic Kits and Plans

Engineering Programs - Shareware

FC's Electronic Circuits

Hewlett-Packard Test & Measurement

 Homemade Hobby Electronics Emporium

Interesting Circuits

jbGizmo's Electronic Plans, Kits, and Curious Things

Low-Cost Electronic Projects By Fred B.

Magnet Design Guide

Misc. Project Information

 Schematics for Guitar Effects

Science Hobbyist

Texas Instruments
Electronic Periodicals

Amusement International Magazine & Repair

 Electronic Buyers' News

Electronics Now

 E/Town: Home Electronics Guide

 EPE Hobbyist Magazine

ET - Technology Interface

Nuts & Volts Magazine

Publications for Electronic Engineering

Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Magazines

U.S. Tech

Aberdeen LLC

ACL Computers

Advanced Component Electronics

All Electronics Corp.


American Design Components

American Science & Surplus

B.G. Micro Electronics

B+K Precision

CDW - Computer Discount Warehouse

Circuit Specialists, Inc

 CompUSA Online

Computer Discount Outlet by DuckWeb Communications

Dalco Electronics Online

Digi-Key Corporation

EIO WWW Server Online Catalogue

 Electronic Kits / Project Kits

Electronix - Electronics, Repair Parts

Electronix Express

Insight - Computers, Hardware, and Software

Jameco Electronics

JDR Microdevices

Mouser Electronics W3

National Semiconductor

NetSeller Acc

PC Connection Online SuperStore

PC Zone

Schuster Electronics


Surplus Direct - Low Cost Hardware and Software

Surplus Electronics MECI

 Surplus Equipment and Cool Stuff

Surplus Traders - 1000's Surplus Bargains

Timeline, Inc.


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