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It's good ol' Fred,

C'mon Al, me going to your office in the middle of the night to find things and perpetuate my "investigative" abilities? I would love to see that film myself! I didn't even know where your office was in Eau Claire! I even drove by it twice when I first visited the new recruiter there (who became top NPS recruiter for both years following). 

Don't flatter yourself on the assignment to Hawaii - my assignment for Hawaii came long after you were gone. About 1 1/2 to 2 years later. Had nothing to do with you I assure you.

There's nothing wrong with you expressing your opinion - just don't make things up!

When John K wrote "He feels you got what you deserved" it was incorrect. Noone deserves to loose a stripe, especially in recruiting. I did tell John that "you needed to go." Let's forget all the reasons they relieved you - put all that to the side for a moment. Recruiting is not just another job that you can leave at the office. You have to put your heart into it and you have to give it your all - not quit at ATB. ATB is doing the minimum. Remember our phone conversations where you said the airplane crew chief should keep 10 planes in the air and not 12. That's why you missed two quarters in a row - it's called ATTITUDE! You were accepting the thought of just making goal then, remember? You were a good recruiter AL, the year before. And I'm sure you're still a good salesman now! But you know recruiting, what have you done for me today? Your flight was going down the tubes. They needed your help and expertise - the example of the Al they saw the year before as recruiter and acting flight sup. 

You did a good job on the web site. I can see how it could even help recruiting. Future recruiters need to see that it's not just another job in the Air Force. It requires dedication and commitment 24 hours a day - it's a way of life. If your heart's not in it, then you shouldn't be out here. 

Hope everything is going good for you in AZ. Good luck with your retirement! 

Drop a line back when you have time,


Well, well, well good ol' Fred...

   I'm surprised, but pleased that you've decided to make a statement.  You may indeed get an opportunity to see yourself lurking and snooping in my recruiting office without my knowledge and in my absence.  So let me get this straight...You claim that you DIDN'T know where my recruiting office was in Eau Claire?  Hence, you also claim you were never alone in my office, nor that you ever let yourself in unannounced?  If so, you must have an identical twin in the Air Force!  I left AFRS in January 1996...You got notification for your new assignment to Hawaii when?  I hardly think it was 1-1/2 to 2years later.  I'll bet you received more than a 30-day notice too, right?  I'm sure you know that that's a rarity in AFRS. 

   Your concept of time and events is a bit off it appears.  If you'll check the FACTS, you'll find that I was a great recruiter, even on the day I was relieved (and even yet today I still answer questions and take an active role in recruiting efforts).  The non-referral "2" EPR that was written on me covered the period of time pertaining to my "bad attitude" days that I performed remarkably as a recruiter, including being #1 Flight Supervisor without ANY goal break AND top squadron NPS recruiter.  In fact, the day I was relieved, I had 2 folks processing MEPS that day, and I made sure they had transportation home, as I was not to have any contact with them as per the commander.  During these 2 quarters that brought the production evaluation, I also received 2 top recruiter awards signed by the commander THAT YOU CREATED!!  Do you remember?  Had I not "had my heart in it" as you imply, why would I work 18 hour days and 6 days a week and receive additional awards?  Do you think I was standing in the doorway to my office CHASING people away from enlisting?  When a drowning man is being held under water by oppressive force, is it unreasonable for him to long for a breath of air?  I was desperately trying to make my assigned quota and exceed it!  You obviously completely missed the point I was making about aircraft flying and have taken it out of context.  My point is that Congress LIMITS the number of people that can enlist by setting the size of our force.  The MAXIMUM number of enlistees is derived from this Congressional limit.  I was explaining the way filling recruiting quotas OUGHT TO BE (having TOO MANY applicants), not saying that I wouldn't over-produce.  It's an honor and a privilege to serve our great country, and folks should be knocking down the doors for the chance to serve.  Why aren't they?  Just as if there are 10 aircraft scheduled to fly, why would a crew chief take it upon himself to launch 12 aircraft just to prove he can, screwing over his fellow brothers and sisters in arms, and without required resources to "do the job"?  Or forcing them to use a hammer when the procedure requires a screwdriver?  Where would the crew chief find 2 more crews to fly the plane?  Crews are not under the crew chief's command, and only 10 crews have been scheduled!  Would you then suggest that the crew chief and his assistant "take the other 2 planes up for a spin?"  That crew chief should expect to be "standing tall" in front of his commander explaining his actions if he did.  Some things are out of our reach no matter how hard we try, and are beyond our control.  Do people in the regular Air Force jobs get fired, chastised, mistreated, maligned, ostracized, coerced, and have their careers threatened when things beyond their control break and only "9 aircraft get off the ground instead of 10?"  NO!!!  If the reason the 10th plane can't fly is because a new, properly installed axle bought from a civilian contractor suddenly collapsed during launch, would you fault the crew chief?  People in command and the public would be up in arms to find out why a contractor was providing bad parts to the Air Force!  But AFRS doesn't want to hear "excuses" does it? 

   You see, Fred, competition in AFRS shouldn't be between brothers and sisters in arms...We are team mates (or supposed to be).  The competition is widespread IGNORANCE and APATHY, both inside and outside of the Air Force gate!  The competition is also people in high places that choose to abuse their power and have their own selfish way at any cost, the team and the truth be damned!  The competition is with bad choices that are made.  The competition, in a very real sense, are ones that would choose to deny us our Constitution and the rights in it guaranteed to us, just as any enemy we have fought in war.  Recruiting competition isn't just a "friendly competition" to stimulate...It's a battle for each individual's very existence!!!  How much esprit de corps would one expect from a "team" carved, led, and molded by back-stabbing, self-serving vultures that sit behind their desks and blame recruiting's problems on a bunch of lazy, good for nothing, can't hack it, low-down recruiters? 

   Even John K. noticed...It's obvious that "some folks were out to get" me.  Since it seems you were one of them, thanks for taking credit for your part in acting as my "judge, jury, and executioner" when you state that "I did tell John that 'you needed to go.'"  Nothing like a little bit of gossip to help distinctly show true feelings eh, Fred?  Now let me get this part straight...In completing your "investigation", you were acting solely as an "unbiased investigator" on behalf of the superintendent and commander, right?  Right...Sure...And I'm Hap Arnold, too.  That's why you chose to conveniently "play-along" and overlook the bulk-billed calls that were clearly indicated on the first page of each telephone bill, right?  When can I expect the itemized listings for these calls that were clearly shown as "bulk-billed" (not itemized) on each billing?  Let me point out another very interesting tidbit...During this time, you were the squadron trainer, right?  And I missed making my assigned quota for two quarters, right?  2 quarters is 6 full months (although as you already know, I actually only missed goal 2 of those months and only missed the year to that point by 1, counting the people I recruited that were on the "Q" -- One of these folks would later become the only person that could book a job to make the squadron's fiscal year quota, and DID!)  So then you tell me why you didn't know where my office was in Eau Claire!??!  Is this an admittance on your part in being derelict in your training duties?  One would think that the squadron trainer would "put their heart in it" and visit/train/assist recruiters that are behind the power curve.  But that would have been almost all 32 recruiters at the time, wouldn't it?  So did all of these recruiters have "bad attitudes", Fred?  Or have you just been caught in another one of those "things that makes ya go hmmmm..."  You know, as do other folks we worked with, that there was nothing wrong with my ATTITUDE... Nothing that is until some self-serving miscreants decided that I "needed to go" as you put it.  But as you'll recall, even then I had a GREAT ATTITUDE!  I'm becoming more enlightened as time passes and as information is gathered and reviewed, that you (being that young, impressionable, and easily coerced SSgt at the time), had much more to do with my "railroading" than I initially knew or suspected.  Once one parts with their integrity and accepts special favors in return, integrity becomes simply a matter of price, eh?  Now the pieces of this puzzle are fitting together...As you can see and know full-well, I'm not making anything up...The story is telling itself, isn't it? 

   Have we seriously glossed over a very pivotal issue?...Ignoring the fact that I didn't "quit"...I was WRONGFULLY accused, maligned, ostracized, ridiculed, abused, and FIRED...And you know it!  How about the ex-recruiters that got wrongful "ultimate promotions" to civilian status?  Or what about the ones that have an empty plate set at the family supper table -- Some permenantly?  Why not call the recruits these recruiters brought to fruition and tell them that they "don't count" and won't be needed after all because their recruiter was fired for not meeting their quota?  But then recruiters are never fired simply for not meeting their quotas, right?  (Ya....Right!...LOL!!!)  Could this be why it's so difficult to find enough recruiters today?  I think the word is on the street about how "the AFRS system" works... AFRS doesn't want to know why "2 crew chiefs can't each fly a plane", or that they did, but there'd better be "12 planes in the sky today", right Fred? 

   Does a warrior's death or injury in battle count less if that battle is ultimately lost, but the war is won?  The goal of each individual should be to win the war, not just to save their own asses and make themselves look good!  A properly led team realizes that the goal of winning the war as a team will ultimately and automatically save their asses.  A real leader doesn't send individual warriors to go forward to fight the enemy alone until they're decimated, then say "send in the next warrior".  Contributions and efforts should be the "goal" and "measuring stick" of each recruiter, each flight, each squadron, and each group -- Not numbers alone.  Some of the greatest battles in history have been fought and won with the winners of the battle outnumbered so badly from the beginning that it appeared the battle would surely be lost.  When numbers alone drive the "stats", the team spirit is mortally wounded.  I think a big problem in AFRS' system is focusing on "writing purple heart and other medal packages" and electing the recipients of these even before the battle begins, and then "changing the rules of the game" if need be to make it happen the way it was decided the outcome would be.  It all comes down to choosing pride over honor, and that's just plain wrong!!!  Both are important, but HONOR is the basis of any successful TEAM -- Pride will follow.

   Thanks for your kind words about my website.  May God forgive you if you're found in need, show mercy to you, shine upon you, and renew your integrity...Continued success to you in your political career, Fred!


Second Email

You know, I thought long and hard about emailing you to begin with, but I wanted to set the record straigt. There was no intent to put you on a defensive mode but after reading some of the other emails, I guess I should have expected you would take it that way. Send me a copy of the film you have - it wasn't me, I'm telling you. Dereliction of my duties by not coming out there? - maybe so. Lots of new recruiters were non-ATB and I was called out to many of their offices by the CCU and supervisors along with doing all of the A&P training for the entire SQ. I was doing it all single-handedly at that time. You left AFRS in Jan 96? - I left in Mar 97 - no relation. No, I didn't get a 30 day notice and even battled SQ to keep the assignment. Political? - not hardly! I've pissed lots of bosses off but I still get my job done. "You needed to go" - you did - if you would have stayed there longer you would have dug yourself even deeper into a hole, you know that - look at the refridgerator issue. The telephone bill issue - there was nothing showing the calls were made - we (2 trainers then) even called the phone  company to get breakdowns of the other bills - there was nothing. We didn't "play along" or overlook anything! We validated the one day and it was out of our hands thereafter. Two commanders and 3 CCU's and an IG rep were involved. If there was something there, one of them, or somebody should have found it. And that was only one of the issues anyway. Only you and the Sq CC's know about the rest of the issures. Sorry that you feel the entire world is against you - It wasn't then and it's not  now! Maybe one day you will see that.



   You think you're setting the record straight?  You're so far away from the truth...You refuse to even so much as acknowledge that there could have been (and was) a mistake made!  I can understand the truth hurts.  I owe you nothing, but I'll be glad to scan and post the phone bills, complete with highlighting showing the bulk billings on the very FIRST page of each one!  The film I saw is safely stored off premises, along with the letter from kinko's and the many and several samples of improper uses of the Vikings copyrighted symbol (including awards & plaques), along with the police report concerning storing alcohol in the refrigerator.  I know you were quite busy and point out quite well what I've said previously...Not enough resources to do the job, but again, excuses won't cut it, right?  You need to understand that "digging a hole" as you put it was only AFTER my integrity was called into question...How can these same people accuse me of having a lapse in my integrity when it was so obvious that the lack of integrity on their end was severe and considered "normal business".  You must have known that the CC was considering me for discharge...And I'm telling you...I DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   So are you saying that all of the telephone bill reviewers were either 1) So ignorant that they didn't actually review the evidence? or 2) That it was already decided to build a case then answer questions later, but only if questions arose?  Perhaps you need to become more familiar with the Constitution and the rules of law...Mine is not to prove I made the calls...It is up to the accusers to prove I DIDN'T!!!  (But I assure you, I made each and every one of those calls!!!)  YES...I'm saying that ALL the people involved with reviewing the telephone bills DIDN'T DO THEIR JOB!!!  You DID MISS / OVERLOOK THE FACTS!!!  On the very first page of each phone bill...As clear as the nose on your face!  A million folks could've looked at that bill and missed the obvious, but that doesn't mean it was right!  It only points out how truly petty and irresponsible this whole mess was...These folks were simply interested in a building a case, not getting to the facts!  You're right...Somebody should have found it before I had to, but then good ol' Steve & the CC wouldn't a got a "lick" in on me if they had, right?  I know that the whole world's not against me, only a small group of individuals that I'm still trying to figure out what was in it for them.  All's I know is that this case was "created" and has been an attack on me personally and professionally.  Reread the part (my attorney's statement) that the GF legal office DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ANY EVIDENCE!!!!  They were putting together an Article 15 without ANY factual information!  There were only 2 "issues" as you call them, and both were as phony as a 3-dollar bill!  Unless you count not making goal, but that's not a crime, right?  hahaha...RIGHT!!
   I'm not perfect...Never claimed to be...Perhaps I was a bit premature in assimilating that you got an assigment to Hawaii for your cooperation, since ya didn't get the assignment until Mar 97.  Or was there a different reason you got the assignment?... Just something to think about isn't it, Fred?  Maybe we both know why it was "time for you to go", too?  Seems none of us are perfect, eh?  Discretion is the better part of valory.  I am not too big to admit to an error if I have made one. 
   Be good to yourself, Fred!


Third Email
I just sent you a response to your last email just a little while ago.  After reviewing your response and it's contents and how lengthy and how twisted everything was, it just hit me to go review your web site again.  Just as I suspected, you put it on there - without mutual consent. And then the heading? These were conversations between you and I but I see you're more interested in becoming a public spectacle than anything else. Guess no one will ever be able to talk any sense into you. Have fun with your new career of lies and pity seeking. But I have to warn you, there are lots of starving comedians out there - and most are starving for attention just like you. Don't bother emailing back - won't be seeing you or your site again, so make up whatever you like! 


P.S. Ever thought about seeking professional help? Feel free to put this one email response on your site!!!

   Quite the babble there, Fred...Looks like somebody got yer goat and took it parading all over town!
   Lengthy and twisted?  Sounds like the way this whole mess has been for me.  I'll agree that my response was lengthy, but I disagree that there was any twist to it...I didn't "make up" anything.  This whole charade is twisted all by itself.  Without mutual consent?  You clicked on my email link, wrote a statement to me, addressed it to me, and sent it to me.  It arrived safely, as did the response I sent you in return evidently.  Sounds like it worked just the way it's supposed to.  Emails from others are posted...Did you think your response would not be posted?  Before I write my book though, I'll be sure to request your permission, ok?  Why are you now and seem to have always accused me and call me a liar, even now suggesting I seek professional help?  Now that's the AFRS I remember!!  As a matter of fact, you'll recall that the CC sent me to GF for a mental health eval.  I'm pleased to tell you that the doctor found me to be quite sane, in fact even told me I was the "ideal recruiter type"...Driven, honest, enthusiastic, positive, & friendly.  Do you think this is funny?  That I'm being a comedian?  That this is all some kind of joke for attention?  I don't find any of the crap pulled on me the least bit funny!!  If you think the AFRS way of doing business is "normal", perhaps it is you that should seek professional help, my friend...And quickly!
   Or perhaps you're just upset because your gossip and actions came back and found ya, eh?  Mutual consent?  Ya mean like the kinda consent where ya ask folks before ya gossip about 'em with your friends?  Not to worry, Fred...I have a big heart and I forgive you.  You're the only accuser so far "man enough" to write.  You said that you won't be seeing me or my site again...Your choice, but I'll leave the light on for ya! 

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