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1001 Jokes
Adam Rifkin's One-Liner (and then some) List
Al's Wedding Jokes
Bad Answer Man !
Biggest List of Humor Sites
Bumper Sticker Humor
Bumper Stickers Seen on the Highway
Bunny Survival Tests
Cops and Robbers!
Deep Thoughts
Dweebonics - Language
Frumious Bandersnatch
HDB - Top 30 By Vote
Humor, Humor, Humor
Index of /Gopher/Library/Humor/Jokes
Laugh-A-Lot! - Your Clean Jokes Only
Laughs Today
Mark's Apology Note Generator
Material from one-liner file
More from the One-liner file (2/3)
One and Only Q-Tips
ONION: Humorous Faux News
Outhouse -- What a View!
Outrageous On-line Uncle Al
RaNdOm AcCeSs HuMoR 96
Reno Bailey's InterSanctum
Rhonda's Speak Easy
Steve Hammer's
Straight Dope
Taglines Galore!
Three Stooges Collectors Showcase
Today's Humorscope
Top 10 Jokes
Web Gone MAD   - MAD Magazine !
Wild Bill's Joke List
You're a Redneck if..

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