"I'd have taken this to the Air Force Inspector General (IG)!" I did !...Here's what the IG had to say...And still the facts are: 1) The numbers I reported were correct, and 2) I didn't use the data line to make phone calls.
                                DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE

                              OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL

                                       WASHINGTON DC

                                                                          February 12, 1996


1140 Air Force Pentagon

Washington DC 20330-1140

Technical Sergeant Allen A. Lamb


Tucson AZ 85711

Sergeant Lamb

     This is in final response to your correspondence to this office regarding your treatment

in recruiting duty, possible reprisal and several unrelated matters which you presented near the

conclusion of the initial inquiry.

     First, we apologize for the length of time taken to conclude this inquiry. There were

several issues which our office felt required further investigation and explanation before closure

of this case. To accomplish this, further work on the part of HQ AETC and several additional

legal reviews were required.

     What was most disturbing in the actions taken in this matter was the magnitude of

administrative action taken by your commander. We found in most cases (similar to yours),

administrative actions (LOR, including Article 15) were common and relief from recruiting

duties almost always followed. However, withhold from promotion seem in our estimation to

be unduly severe under the circumstances of your case. However, after reexamination and

additional legal review, although we do not agree with the commander's action to withhold, it

was determined your commander was within his authority to withhold your promotion. The

action by the commander fell within acceptable legal options within this matter, and although

not commensurate with action taken on others, the withhold is permissible if the commander

deems it necessary. Because there is no finding for reprisal or unfair treatment, there is no

grounds to question the motive or intent of the commander's decision.

     Regarding the counter testimony by a personal acquaintance that she over heard the

commander indicate the squadron would "find" something to use to remove you and

allegations of beer drinking at a federal building. The inquiry found no other testimony or

credible evidence to collaborate the testimony of your acquaintance regarding making you a

target for dismissal. Like testimony from other witnesses refute the allegation. Unfortunately,

this matter can not be resolved either way and therefore can not be a deciding factor in the

findings. The matter relating to the consumption of alcohol in a federal building and your

actions to bring this matter to proper authorities was provided to appropriate command

officials for follow-up action. It was determined your disclosure of this event had no impact on

the actions taken on you.

        We regret this is not the answer you hoped for.  We recommend you seek further

redress of the promotion issue through the Air Force Board of Correction of Military

Records (AFBCMR) for a review of your case.  The AFBCMR is the highest echelon of

administrative appeal within the Air Force and is empowered to make such recommendations

to the Secretary of the Air Force, as deemed appropriate.  Application to the AFBCMR is

accomplished by submitting the attached DD Form 149, Application for Correction of Military

Record to:

                            Air Force Board Correction Military Record


                                  550 C STREET WEST, SUITE 40

                                  RANDOLPH AFB,TX  78150-4742

        The AFBCMR considers each case based on the evidence submitted by the petitioner

and the final determination is based on the data submitted.  We wish you luck with your

petition to the AFBCMR.  Attached for your use is a Summary Report of Review regarding

this case.

                                                XXX X. XXX, Major, USAF

                                                Chief, Inquiries Policy

                                                Inquiries Directorate


DD Form 149

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