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Information (News and Services)

Better Business Bureau - News

CNN Interactive

Consumer World

Info-Express: Measurement Conversion

King Features Syndicate

 KOLD TV 13 Tucson Arizona

 KSFY Television - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

KVOA Ch 4 - Tucson

Lifetime TV Online


Mercury Center - What's New
MSNBC - News

NewsLinx - Technology News


Old Farmer's Almanac

Resources by Subject


Tabloid News Services


Virtual Newspaper

Weather Channel



Comfin - Glossary of Retirement Planning Terms

Debt and Credit

Debt Counselors of America

Final Bell - Stock Market Simulations

Foreign Exchange Rates

 Hoover's: Source For Company Information

Intelligent Investor

 Interactive Currency Table(tm)

InterNet Bankruptcy Library

Investor's Resources

Investment Resources for the Independent Investor

Market Guide Inc. Investment Center

PC Quote (5 At Once)

Pension Planners

Pensions & Investments

Personal Finance Web Sites

Quicken Financial Network

Retirement & Savings Directory

Retirement Planning: FAQs About IRAs

Ron's Currency, Stocks and Bonds

 Small Business Resources


Tenny's Banking/Financial

Universal Currency Converter(tm)

Yahoo Stock Quotes

Metals Information 

Garfield Refining Company

Kitco Inc. - Precious Metal Price Updates

Kitco Inc - Precious Metals

Lippincott Inc.

Metal Prices

Precious metals

Precious Metal and Gem Connection

Law Resources

 All About Trademarks

Americas Most Wanted

Attorney Find Home

CHP Computer Aided Dispatch Media

Cold Case: True Crime Investigations

 Constitution Society

Copyright Website

Cornell Law

Court TV Law Center

Free Legal Forms - Legal Questions, Answers and Research

Law Engine! (tm)

 Legal Documents and Contracts and Law Documents Preparation

Legal Recourse

National Fraud Information Center

Nerd World: Law and Legal Services


Oyez Oyez Oyez: Law


Parsons Legal Network - FREE Legal Documents!

Practical Professor

Ruttenberg - Court Martial Defense

Highly Recommended Attorney !

State Statutes by Topic

Thomas Jefferson Center - Protection of Freedom

Trade Secrets

Unsolved Mysteries - Television Show

U.S. Office of Special Counsel

W3 Lawyer, sm



Acronym Finder

Dictionary of Measures, Units and Conversions

Etymology List - What's in a name

Familiar Quotations

Free Internet Encyclopedia

GTE SuperPages(sm): Yellow Pages

Hypertext Thesaurus Interface

Hypertext Webster Gateway

Logical World of Etymology

LOGOS Dictionary

Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'

My Virtual Reference Desk

 OneLook Dictionaries

Online Language Resources

On-line Reference Works


Roget's Internet Thesaurus

THOR+: Virtual Reference Desk

travlang's Translating Dictionaries

Voice of the Shuttle: Reference Page

Web of On-line Dictionaries

World Factbook 1996

WWWebster Dictionary

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