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On 4/27/98, at 9:11 PM, jeff wrote: 

Hey Al,

Thanks for posting my e-mails on your site with even a few responses.  You
might want to get the response my wife sent to "A SSgt, USAF" and post it in
rebuttle to his reposnse about my email to you.  Of course, I know you

MSgt Jeff S.

I have a story to tell and a battle to fight...I'm not interested in refocusing my 
efforts to appease you or do battle with you.  You see, my battle is not with 
you.  You are not the cause of the battle I must fight, unless you're abusing 
your people.  If it would appease you, I would consider placing your wife's 
response on my page, or removing "A SSgt, USAF"'s statement, but as I see it, 
this detracts from what I want to accomplish.  You certainly don't know me 
very well, because if you did, you'd know that I WOULD post your wife's reply.  
But this isn't about whether or not you're a decent individual...This is about 
justice that must be served and errors corrected...That's what I'm interested 
in.  I was wronged and I don't intend to simply let this "blow over" like many 
others I have met that did just that.
Here's the facts in a "nutshell"...

Fact 1:  My chain of command decided the way the telephone calls were to 
be billed and used their choice of "bulk telephone call billing" against me as 
justification for their actions and desire to relieve me.  The word "conspiracy" 
comes to mind.  I made each and every one of these calls!  How else did I set 
5 appointments with applicants from this telephone prospecting?  I ALWAYS 
prequalified people if they would at least agree to speak with me and answer 
these prequalifying questions.  Most of the time, they would.  How would I 
know what most of the people were doin' after graduation?  I wrote this 
information on the school folder form with the date and times I called them.  
Or better yet, how tall they were and how much they weighed?  I wrote that 
information right on the forms in the school folders in question, too.  Most of 
these people had only been telephoned by me once, and were contacted on 
the dates and times indicated.

Fact 2:  The officer, who's verbal order I supposedly disobeyed, later told me 
in the base exchange at GFAFB, not in the presence of anyone else that he 
was "Sorry, but I have a wife and 5 kids to think about."  It appeared he had 
been coerced.  There was in fact, no order given, but I did not make future 
calls on that line based on our discussion.  One call was made while setting 
up the new fax machine the next day with the telephone that is an integral 
part of the fax machine, and that call was made by a fellow recruiter that 
brought the fax machine to my office.  He wrote a statement to explain this 
fact.  I'm sure the fax telephone is still connected in that office, even today!

Fact 3:  When I indicated that I would not accept the Article 15 that was to 
be served, the "rules of the game were changed" (in other words -- they 
cheated), and the charges became administrative.  All actions, the LOR, 
UIF, Control Roster, relief "with cause", redline promotion to MSgt (5 days 
before my effective promotion date), non-referral "2" EPR, and the 
ostracism were obviously done without any sense of "fair-play"...Even the 
Air Force IG was disturbed " the magnitude of administrative action 
taken by your commander."  I still don't understand the rich "political 
rhetoric" in the Air Force IG's response, other than perhaps "covering" for 
undeserving commander(s) (there was a change of command between the 
time this action started and finished), who were advised by an even less 
deserving squadron superintendent.  And the flight supervisor just played 
along -- spineless comes to mind here.

I could go on and on...I have statements pertaining to my case from several 
people that I haven't posted yet.  I get at least 5 phone calls or emails each 
month from someone that's gettin' "takin' for the ride", and at least 7 emails 
each month from former recruiters with tales of their own to tell.  The fact is, 
the system is in need of repair.  People are not stupid...When relieved 
recruiters go back to their old career fields, they're going to tell others of 
their experiences.  
Why is there a problem obtaining and retaining enough 
What is sown in the spring is what is reaped in the 
fall, I reckon.
Here's the bottom line...I want the justice and the $10,682 (plus) in backpay 
I deserve!  I'd also like an apology from the perpetrators, but I'm not holdin' 
my breath on that one.

5 years from now, I'll be a retired MSgt for 4 of those years.  My chances of 
making SMSgt are like a snowballs chance in hell.  My career is over, but 
my life will go on, and I will always be proud of the contributions and 
sacrifices I've made to defend our great country, including hiring 98 top notch 
professionals for the United States Air Force as a recruiter.  The people that 
did this to me, however, must live with the knowledge of their actions for 
eternity.  I only hope that God is more forgiving to them than they were of me!
I'd caution you to be more careful in the future of being too judgemental.
Best wishes to you and yours!
Al Lamb (aka Airminder)
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