Response to Jeff S. email...
I'm writing in response to your email message that was posted 
on Airminder's virtual folly website.  Your opening line proves 
to me the caliber of individuals currently in Air Force 
Recruiting service.  You know, being a washed up recruiter 
myself (what you will probably call me), it doesn't surprise me 
that a Flt Sup would open an email to a fellow Air Force member 
like you did.  I think it went something like "You blanking 
idiot".  Your probably a lot like my old Flt Sup.  He used to 
say  "If your not good enough to be a recruiter, maybe your not 
good enough to be a SSgt in the USAF".  Just kind of makes you 
feel good all over doesn't it.  Feel free to use that one.  
Also for not being an arrogant person you certainly made sure 
everyone reading your message knew just how great you really 
are.  All those Silver badges, when you put on Master etc.  I 
can tell by your writing that you and Recruiting service 
probably get along just fine.  By the way, how is your personal 
 life?  Married?, Divorced?, Remarried?  Spend any time with 
the kids lately?  

The line of people leaving Air Force recruiting was long before 
I jumped in it and it was just as long for the people who left 
behind me.  Do you think we are all a bunch of Losers?  My 
hats off to the losers (what you will probably call them) who 
washed out of recruiting school.  I sure wish I would have; 
would have saved me 18 mo's of pure agony.  I tell everyone I 
can how I was treated as a recruiter and usually encourage them 
not to apply unless I know they are the type. There are great 
people (those who have integrity) in recruiting that do very 
well.  My personal opinion is those who lack integrity also do 
well .  Which one are you?   I got off with just a couple of 4 
epr's, others were not so lucky.  I agree a lot of recruiters 
did not do their jobs and paid for it with Ar 15's and lor's.  
Many got what was coming to them.  However, many who leave 
recruiting early are decent human beings.  I left under 
"without cause" but don't tell me I'm a nobody because I 
couldn't hack recruiting.  By the way, just in case your 
wondering, I'm not a whimp.  I have spent 12 hr days on the 
line and have been on extensive tdy's away from my family.  
I'd rather spend 12 hrs on the line than 12 minutes in AF 
Recruiting.  Leaving was the best thing I ever did.  I could 
go on for hours about recruiting but I'm sure you probably 
don't even have the time to read this far.  If your email is 
a reflection of your Recruiting ability and leadership then 
I'm glad you were not my flt sup.   I know the MSgt you were 
totally biased to before getting all the facts, and he is a 
decent individual. 

On a final note,  I want you to know that I love the USAF and 
what it stands for.  I wish you continued success in the high 
pressure world of recruiting.  I just think you need some 
lessons on "How to be a professional member of this USAF".  

Knowing that you will most undoubtedly respond to my letter, 
I hope you can refrain from using unprofessional language.  
I want you to know that this letter is sincere and my 
intentions are by no means sent in a manner of insubordination 
to you, being a ranking member.

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