Here's the Letter of Reprimand I received...The facts are: 1) The numbers I reported were correct, and 2) I didn't use the data line to make phone calls.
                     DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE


                                                                                       26 Jul 95



       XXX Federal Building, Rm XXX

       XXX, MN 55111-4053

SUBJECT: Letter of Reprimand

1. On 11 July 1995, a production evaluation was conducted to review your recruiting activities for

failure to make goal for two consecutive quarters. During the production evaluation it became

evident that between 2 January 1995 and 31 May 1995, you reported false numbers of XXX

USAFRSQ Form 6's (planning guide) regarding phone prospecting. This was found during a

routine validation of long-distance phone calls. Reported long-distance telephone calls were not

validated when checked against the long-distance telephone bills.

2. On 6 June 1995, you were given a specific order by the Operations Officer, Major XXX

XXX, to disconnect a specific telephone (designated for data transmission) and to not use that line

for telephone calls. Phone records indicate that on 9 Jun 1995 you made a phone call to another

recruiters' home phone. The phone was also still in place during the 11 June 1995 production


3. You are hereby reprimanded. Your misconduct directly affected your production which

dropped to 31.5 percent during the second and third quarters of Fiscal Year 95. Your integrity is in

question, and when confronted by your supervisory chain about this situation, you offered no

substantiated proof to the contrary. Your conduct is unacceptable. Recruiter integrity is essential.

You have failed in this regard. Due to these actions you will be placed on the Control Roster and a

UIF will be opened.

4. AUTHORITY: 10 U.S.C. 8013. PURPOSE: To obtain any comments or documents you

desire to submit (on a voluntary basis) for consideration concerning this action. ROUTINE USE:

Provides you with opportunity to submit comments or documents to become part of the action.

DISCLOSURE: Your written acknowledgment of receipt and signature are mandatory. Any other

comments or documents you provide are voluntary.

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