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Time for serious straight talk.  Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) selects only top notch volunteers(it's a whole new ballgame -- Non Volunteers will now be "selected"!) to become Air Force recruiters.  It has been reported that less than 10% of all Air Force members could qualify for selection as an Air Force recruiter. Why then are many of these same people returned to the Air Force as "damaged goods" or worse?  Some folks warned me about AFRS, telling me that integrity is merely a "buzz-word" -- You were 115%+ right ! Bruce puts it best by saying, "Some 'successful' career recruiters talk the 'political party line', telling those of us in the rest of the Air Force that we couldn't 'cut it' as recruiters.  Perhaps it is these few recruiters who cannot 'cut it' in my Air Force."
The bottom line is this...I am innocent of the charges that were laid upon me.
My chain of command erroneously accused me and changed unsupportable legal proceedings to administrative actions, virtually removing any chance for me to prove my innocence.  I've posted actual documentation to allow you to make up your own mind. I've found this happens far more often than most folks realize.  As I am a fair person, even when I have cause not to be, names have been changed or removed to protect identities.  There is much, much more information that will be posted as time allows.
14 Nov 00 Update:  The daunting "black cloud" is dispersed!  After nearly 5 years of trying to set the record straight concerning my case (I've since retired from the Air Force), on 7 Jun 2000, the Air Force Board of Corrections of Military Records (AFBCMR) declared any and all related documents in this matter void, and directed the Air Force Chief of Staff to remove from my records: 1) the EPR covering this time period, 2) the Letter of Reprimand, 3) the Nonrecommendation for Promotion Letter, and 4) any and all related documents.  My promotion to Master Sergeant was reinstated to the original promotion date, 1 Aug 1995.  The AFBCMR also directed the Air Force to consider me for supplemental consideration for promotion to Senior Master Sergeant, commencing with the cycle 98E8. 

   To the AFBCMR directive, the Air Force responded to my attorney with a letter confirming deletion of documents from my records, a check for a portion of what I'm due (for example, DITY allowance differences that are still due to me for my PCS when I was relieved were not paid at the Master Sergeant rate), and a statement that said "MSgt Lamb is ineligible for promotion consideration to Senior Master Sergeant (E-8) due to never having WAPS tested for the promotion."  DUH!...Hello...McFly!??!!  Who's fault is that?  Common sense appears to be not so common.  Back through the legal hoops/Congressional channels for me.

   What happened to the commander that contrived these malicious actions?...He was selected for promotion to Colonel!  Col H. is likely still experimenting with "super gluing spaghetti to a wall to make it stick".  Watch your six! 

   What is to be learned from this?  If you're selected for Air Force recruiting duty, my best advice:
1) Put on the armor of God and talk with Him often.
2) Keep a journal/diary -- Take meticulous notes on everything!  If it seems odd, document it!
3) Listen to your heart -- Stand steadfastly for what you know to be right.
4) Never give up the fight if you're in the right!

   If it seems as though I've become a bit jaded...I s'pose I have to some extent.  I've moved on, but  I've learned one thing to be true from the down-sizing 1990's and from my experience with Air Force Recruiting Service...If you tell enough folks they are no longer needed on your team, they will believe you, and they will help you spread the word.

   To all the "Col H.'s" out there: Integrity, Loyalty, and Commitment are all two-way streets. -- Get some!

   What do I know?  I'm just a bus driver...Praise be to God for guiding my path throughout this ordeal.  God will help you overcome whatever obstacles are in your path, too -- Just ask Him!

Recruiter's Parable Earn Top Awards...Receive Non-referral "2" EPR
News Article of the Climate in AFRS During this Time Period (Oct-May 1995)
Letter of Reprimand I Received Rebuttal to Letter of Reprimand
"What did your Area Defense Counsel say?" Here's what the Air Force Inspector General said...
"Find it to be so..." It Just Isn't So...Here's the FACTS!

Even though I brought this matter to the Air Force IG, the Air Force Recruiting Service IG became involved, rendering premature "findings".  Since I had brought this matter to the Air Force IG, the AFRS IG should definitely not have rendered "findings".

You say "...I wonder why recruiters are being so aggressively sought after? It can't be that tough can it? Afterall, $375 per month extra is a substantial amount of incentive for "stressful and arduous duty"." Maybe the ghosts of the past that feel unfairly treated after giving their all, refuse to part with their integrity when new potential recruiters ask them about recruiting duty. Perpetuation of truth is indeed the best advertising that money can't buy.

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Recruiters do indeed have one of the toughest jobs in the Air Force. I have discovered it's even more difficult when your career is continuously threatened and you're forced to protect yourself from bullets fired from your own chain of command's barrel without cause. You may be surprised to learn that I still support recruiting our nation's finest young men and women, and I personally spread the Air Force message by assisting recruiters in the recruiting effort. I simply can not recommend recruiting duty as an intelligent career choice. I have sworn an oath to " and defend the Consititution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the officers appointed over me, according to the laws, regulations, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, so help me God". In the entire oath, I am not required to breech my integrity so others may save face. Soon it will become evident who's integrity should be in question. I'll give you a hint...My word is my bond, and my integrity remains intact.

Note: Remarkably, even now, this webpage has come under scrutiny to ensure there are no "false official statements" contained in these documents. This is my personal webpage and does not imply anyone's endorsement, nor is it affiliated with any official US Air Force agency, US Government agency, nor any official position or official opinion. The documents contained herein were from original documents. These documents were meticulously transcribed and efforts were made to ensure the accuracy in relation to the original documents, and only the names have been changed for protection of concerned individual's privacy. I bear no responsiblity for any information or statement made by other persons that may be contained in these documents. If "false official statements" are official statements which are not true, then instances may be found in documents herein and documents not yet posted, but these are not my statements -- They are from original documents, and I had nothing to do with the creation, authorship, or modification of any "false official statements". (For example, in the Letter of Reprimand, paragraph 2, "...11 June 1995 production evaluation." -- There was only one production evaluation conducted and it was conducted on 11 July 1995.).

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." -- Mark Twain
Federal statutes are clear concerning adverse personnel actions taken against individuals making disclosures.

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